Thursday, April 14, 2005


Isn't the Pope just one religious leader among others?

Many leaders of faiths other than the Catholic acknowledge differently. The leadership of Roman Catholicism maintains dialogue with the heads and representatives of many of the world's major faiths, denominations and unique congregations. Under Pope John Paul II in particular, during his very long term of service, such dialogue flourished.

Even in this country, the figure of the Pope is for a significant segment of the Protestant community, as diverse as it is, an important focus of Christian activity, evangelization, scholarship and moral thinking. The Pope has a worldwide audience of 1.1 billion Catholics, and also is heard in a multicultural community of interest in human endeavor in areas from the scientific to the diplomatic.

Today it may not be true to say that "all roads lead to Rome." However, quite a few of the roads, and many of the side streets and detours, still do.

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