Friday, April 14, 2006

Focus group legislation

Good grief, what's wrong with these folks? No, I don't mean the immigration demonstrators and the opportunists trying to create a niche for their own interests regarding this issue. I do mean the D.C. legislators, especially the Senate. When they bump into an issue that "cuts both ways" they lose their moral compass entirely, because they can't find a position that will please everyone. Some issues are like that. When the fence's posts are too pointy, you can't sit on it. Politicians of integrity have known for millenia that it's better to earn the anger of the opposition than the contempt of principled allies. Leadership with backbone always earns respect. Too many senators of both parties are now dancing on the griddle because they are apparently too stupid and gutless to figure out where to alight on this issue. This fall's elections will provide some interesting chaos if this doesn't get sorted out soon.

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