Saturday, January 19, 2008

Today's Primaries

Well, McCain won narrowly in South Carolina. He's getting conservative support and still reaching to the middle ground of the independents, who appear to be showing no timidity in these primaries. Huckabee reaches to the middle to some degree, as well. Why not Romney or Thompson? They split the other 30 percent, presumably the purer economic conservatives, evenly; one will have to leave the race to unify that group, but if support is already moving to McCain then it seems that there is some process of reflection going on with the voters. Now, is that a trend that applies elsewhere?

Here's another thing: I have a feeling that Romney's Mormon faith is a real problem out there--perhaps Republicans are thinking it will be a problem in the general election, or perhaps the evangelicals can't bring themselves to vote for a Mormon. This is interesting.

Lastly, how long will it take for the "true conservative" talk-show dudes to begin to be a little nicer to Senator McCain?

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