Sunday, February 10, 2008

And More...

Listening to the President on Fox Sunday this morning, and thinking back on HIS campaign and track record, the only conclusion to be drawn is that Dubya has been as much a maverick as is (pejoratively) John McCain. I believe that the President will strongly support the nominee as the campaign works into more official stages, especially when we know the Democrat nominee. Practical political success, leadership and statesmanship always create the need for an acknowledgement of history as opposed to an adherence, however heartfelt, to a formal political creed. Some polls of Catholics and Evangelicals cited in the past week showed an alarming fluidity on issues. I think "the people" are much more practical than the hard-core activists will let on. Edicts like the classic "No New Taxes" are deadly in politics. It wasn't that GHWB reached a compromise on taxes it was that the polemics were inconsistent with the reality. If the hard-liners insist on purity, they will get what they deserve, and they WILL NOT LIKE IT.

By the same set of tokens, the strategy for one such as McCain in the general election will be to paint either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama as doctrinaire and inflexible.

Bulletin: Just saw that John Edwards is in "pasha mode" receiving honored guests bearing gifts. Apparently Mrs. C and Mr. O have come calling. Stay tuned.

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