Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ideology is all.

You see, there are these very persistent leitmotifs that surface whenever the President speaks his real mind on things. "The evil bankers and business barons playing on the company dollar" is one of these, and he cannot resist it no matter how or whom it offends. Epistemologically, he appears to be prisoner of his own head.

Of course even a cursory study of the proposals in his new budget reveals the same thing. No matter how his party gets scolded by the electorate, he returns to the same priorities: spend, tax, the anti-family ideology and the unionized special interests.


Enoch_Root said...

It has worked for him thusfar - and a political animal only cares about the self. No more true is it with anyone than Obama. Eventually, however, he will be forced to move to the Middle.

Acroamatic said...

Thanks for your thoughts Enoch. It's true that he's a model "empty ego" but I have my doubts that he can sincerely move to the Middle. Whether the people will recognize and reject such an act is critical.