Saturday, January 14, 2012

The NFL Playoffs

The scenarios thus far are interesting:
  • Texans-Ravens:  This game shapes up to be living proof that the modern NFL game is often an exercise in violence and the ability to overcome the attrition of forces.  You have to like the Ravens, but I think the Texans are underrated.  Can they overcome, eke it out, squeak by?  
  • Packers-Giants:  On the face of it, it seems that the team that scores last will win.  The Giants are on a hot streak.  The Packers have somewhat the better offensive package, but a suspect defense.  It's in Green Bay.  Will the weather decide?  No, the Packers' defense, or the lack of it, will decide the game.
  • Saints-49ers:  The Saints are battle-tested and have Drew Brees.  That's got to be enough.  Although SF has won a number of critical games, you have to like Brees until the Saints offense prove they can't do it against any defense.
  • Broncos-Patriots:  The Patriots are overwhelming favorites.  Belichek and Tom Brady have had time to prepare against Denver's very tough defense.  What will decide will be Tim Tebow and the Denver offense can score significant points against the Patriots' underachieving defense.
If it winds up to be Patriots-Saints in the Super Bowl, what will the over/under be?  

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