Friday, June 29, 2012

The Chief Justice's Gambit

My little machiavellian mind yesterday told me that John Roberts is far too smart to fall into some kind of naive ideological mistake and instantly forsake the idea of judicial restraint.  I also don't think he's in love with Obama.  Here's my theory:  He definitely seems to have taken a very "big picture" view of what's going on with the American political system.  I think he has in mind that the Court can't just keep being called on to absolve the politicians from their stupid actions.  Now the only solution is a political one.  If "the people" aren't attentive enough to the way the ACA tyranny has been foisted upon them, they deserve what they get.  Roberts has handed it to Romney.  The now-official definition that this bill is a new set of taxes of unprecedented proportions is the case that Mr. Romney has to develop, and I think he has smart enough people around him to seize the opportunity.  Roberts "called out" Obama's administration on their unceasing LIE about this during the approval process of this legislation.  That's what it boils down to, I think.  The very peculiar nature of this 4-4-1 decision contains a "poisoned pill."  The opposition needs to figure out how to get the electorate to administer the medicine.  Roberts saves the Court, saves the  political process, and plays big-time hardball. 

At any rate, I finally found someone who agrees:

By the way, since it's a tax, the House of Reps is already working on using the spending authority vested in that chamber, according to Paul Ryan this morning.

And one more thing--he didn't have a seizure... and he didn't wake up to the horse's head in his bed.

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