Sunday, March 06, 2005

Life issues

On the Schiavo case: With the release last week of the public records and the continuing extensions of the case by the judge, it seem that the execution of Ms. Schiavo may not be inevitable. I hope this turns out to be true. The conflicting stories about her condition are not matters of interpreting differently the same facts. It appears that the facts truly differ. The judge, if he's got any sense at all, MUST let the facts come to light for the court's record in a way they have not been allowed to yet.

Abortion: I said years ago that medical technology will make it a moot point. I think we're heading in that direction. I can't imagine that the public mind will continue to hold to the fiction of the fetus as some undifferentiated life form wholly subordinated to the mother's--oops, woman's--interests when very, very tiny babies born ever earlier in term are able to thrive.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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