Sunday, March 27, 2005


Points to consider, based on the weekend's events, or lack thereof:

***Just the fact that you're tired of a person's being alive doesn't mean it's time for that person to die. What's the hurry? Nowhere do the Schiavo death party even come close to saying that some unhappy turn in Ms. Schiavo's condition had taken place, or that she was "nearer death" at this point than at some earlier point. I think there are some logical problems here that bear looking into in addition to the ambiguity of the diagnosis. Convicted out of his own mouth....

***It's just disappointing that the courts, in spite of the genuinely debatable, if bold, attempts to goad them to act, couldn't find some way to (at least) place a fig leaf of further serious deliberation on their (now) seemingly cynical dismissals. They decide-and-run, much as a mugger does his victim. Granted, we have a separation of powers. But the importance of the name "republic" attached to our political being implies an ability and a vision of due and deliberate consideration to matters of fundamental right, which many believe this case to be. The courts have failed in their duty to provide helpful guidance on at least one front: the manner for resolving cases of this nature with apparently conflicting claims of fact. Or, do these judges think we're all just stupid and deserve no explanations.

***Jeb Bush is really caught in the middle. He has spoken and acted with great restraint--in a manner that used to be called 'politic'. He has refused to venture into areas of doubtful legality. I'm reminded of the behavior of a referee in an important game, who won't call the dubious or cheesy foul, preferring to let the players sort things out according to the spirit of the rules. By such an approach he affirms the validity of the legal system and keeps the focus on the judges and on Mr. Schiavo. The facts, perhaps sordid in ways we can only imagine, WILL come out.

***Final thought: If I'm the Florida Governor and/or Attorney General, I'm already looking at how some further inquiry can be brought to bear: perhaps a grand jury, or the county prosecutor?

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