Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An Opportunity, perhaps?

I think the administration (with the Israeli government) is acting correctly in releasing funds and providing more aid to the Abbas government of the Palestinian Authority. Let's develop and encourage a willing state in the West bank--one whose citizenry doesn't want to return to chaos, to killing its young, to political mayhem and pure rejectionism. Polls out last week showed that many Palestinians--in Gaza, even--longed for the degree of order that existed under Israel's management. Make Abbas strong enough to move forward with a government; pull the rug out from under Hamas. I think the benefits would be significant, and worth the risk.


Acroamatic said...

The question arises: why support another corrupt government? I know, this is a headache. Talking points: Can the Fatah group be stabilized? Will they keep their promises? Will they continue their trend toward democracy? Can they regain the loyalties of the Palestinians? How will they spend the West's money? What are the alternatives, short of allowing another "terrorist state"?

Acroamatic said...

More brutality from Hamas the other day. Fatah has been behaving themselves; Hamas continues the bullying. That's why Fatah, for now deserves support and the encouragement to continue to clean up its act. Can't be a legit state without acting like one.