Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun with reading... that I have a little time.

Just for pleasure, getting through The Chronicles of Narnia. Started the third last night, A Horse and his Boy.

Just for the challenge: War, Progress and the End of History by Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian philosopher who died around 1900. It's a short series of "platonic" dialogues, the last thing he wrote, subtitled "Three Conversations Including a Short Story of the Anti-Christ". All of today's issues--the morality of war, political realism vs. idealism, etc.--are here.

Preparation for the night class, a new (to me) text: Morality Matters: Race, Class and Gender in Applied Ethics, by Jeffrey R. DiLeo. It's an imposing collection of resources (and a big book) that marches into moral thinking from many perspectives. If I'm a student, I save this one on my shelf for future reference.

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