Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And one more point....

One of the reasons that Pope Benedict's address has gotten so much attention is that his idiom is that of crystal clear Roman philosophical legalism--in the very finest sense of that word. We average laypersons--including, apparently the press--can at least get a sniff of the significance of his words, even though we are likely without some context and scholarly background to distort it to our own venal purposes. The press did figure out that something was up within that Regensburg lecture. They never did get the first clue about Pope John Paul's meanings unless some authority came out and explained it like they were six year-olds, and so missed a lot of the good stuff. Benedict trumps the press-canonized interpreters and speaks directly to the generally cultivated mind. Figure it out, folks, or you--not the Pope--and you motives will be exposed.

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