Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And speaking of gentlemen...

The Pope has apologized--for being right. Why won't moderate Muslims step up and say that the apology was NOT necessary, that the violent and ignorant reactions of their co-religionists were what was wrong.

Those who fear Reason the most will exhibit the most vile responses to rational discourse. Dialogue is what they DON'T want.

Eventually, the world will be forced to discern who the "they" are. Better the Muslim community, the Ummah, should accomplish this first, and do so publicly, and deal with it.


Hal Jordan said...

don't get to hasty with that. Benedict should apologize, not because what he said was right or wrong, but because it was offensive to all muslims in general, radical jihadists or peaceful koran abiding people. Yes, Muslims should distincty define who they are, but how can they do this with so different interpretations? who will change the writings so they are not controversial? It would be like getting all christians to agree exactly what the eucharist is, it would be nearly impossible. The pope had little right to say what he said; he could have worded it better. The blame cannot wholey be placed on Muslims, that would be like blaming the Salem Witch trials on the Catholics, it was our of fear. The primal human emotion; human emotion, not catholic emotion.

Acroamatic said...


Benedict gives us the recipe--Reason (er, in secular terms, rationality, argument, dialogue) is the answer. That's the only answer self-evidently available to all persons religious or not. The Holy Father serves this up on a platter, with garnish.

Please read the document.