Friday, September 22, 2006

Spectacle of Stupid

Hugo and Muhammad. Can you believe it? If your eyes didn't roll at that completely clueless display, then you must have thought the General Assembly session the Democrat convention for '08.

These are not statesmen, but self-caricaturing buffoons. Unfortunately, they are dangerous ones, who will be used by the world's manipulators to achieve dreadful ends. Neither has the good sense and intelligence to avoid a path that will lead to self-destruction and tragedy for their nations, in the long run.


Hal Jordan said...

deja vu. During Bush's first term in office he placed about 15 of his oil buddy's and law partners in his cabinet. A manipulation? I'd say so. I like the knock on Demo Convention, but how can you compare people who are fighting for national health care, removal of troops in iraq and strong supporters of the anti-war campaign, tax cuts for the lower class citizens to vicious rulers with little common sense. Believe it or not, Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean are not the threat you think they are. In fact, the two of them are large tradionalists, in the way that JFK was a tradionalist. I would surely like to hear a response from you critiquing Bush's week long thought process before responding to Katrina, or his invasion of Iraq with little support from the world. How is that you villanize the democrats and leave the republicans so unrightfully isolated from analyzation?

Acroamatic said...


I was genuinely tempted to delete the post. However, it is instructive as an example of programmatic nonsense (literally). It betrays a general lack of informed judgment about (a) the political scene, (b) the workings of government as institution and (c) history, and certainly deserves a much longer reply than I have time to give. As I responded to one of your earlier posts: please go read. Learn some facts.

Hal Jordan said...

Dear blogger,

As i due to all, i thank you for your response; and in an attempt to respond to your advice, i do read my friend. As a political science/ film major, my life for a great number of years was more literature based than socially based. I can think of many nights of forgaing through UN documents and United States government reports by Condi Rice and terrorism. And since this is the case, i wonder what literature you are advising me to comsume now. i am surely open to any literature, conservative or otherwise in the ever so appealing quest to gain more facts. However, it just seems your advice is unclear. I enjoy this livelt debate and hope to further it.

Hal Jordan