Friday, October 06, 2006

Einstein's advice

At least, I've seen this attributed to him:

"Insanity is making the same choice repeatedly, expecting a different result."

Moral thinking IS objective and experiential.


Hal Jordan said...

The Case Against Bush:

Einstien says it all. Insanity is the repeating the same wrong choices expecting different results. Why are we in Iraq? Is staying the course working, no, i didn't believe so. In response to your earlier advice of reading. I suppose it was a lesson of humility, as i get older i've developed a high and mighty demeanor. It was knocked off its horse. The past week i have devulged myself entirely in non-fiction of every kind.

1. To further comment on the 9/11 commission and it's report. On 9/12, congress was in the process of creating an investigation commission, President Bush poo pooed the idea, "we can't let the enemy know how we collect evidence, thats what they want". He also rejected the idea of an independent commission. (independent commissions began days after pearl harbor and the JFK assissination. When George could not stop the commissions and its report, he did the next best thing. Edited 28 pages of it. 28.28. If i gave you a bible and cut out the gospels, youd read it and have no clue what the letters of paul were. If i gave you to kill a mockingbird and left out the chapter about boo radley, you'd be clueless about what the ending meant to scout. We should have got those pages. they were essential.

-The months leading up to 9/11, bush spent the longest time a president has ever been on vacation at his ranch in crawford. Vacation. Fun.

-Why did we Go after IRaq and forget about Afnagistan?- on 9/12, Richard Clarke, a member of the Defense cabinet was ready on ways to attack afganistan. Bush and rumsfield jointly insisted they go after iraq, why? They gave no reasons. This was premeditated. Bush sent 11,000 troops to Afganistan, there are more police officers in New York City. After failing to get Bin Laden, we went after Saddam for those WMD... we all know how this turns out...

B.Don't even get me started about the Carlye Group and the Bush's- AKA the biggest company that Bush ran- nearly completely funded with Saudi money, Which Saudi's?- the Bin Laden Family.u can make your own assumptions regarding this.

2. Don't even get me started on the most unreligious, bigotry filled, corrupt congress in history. John Mccain "i'd probably kill myself"- in response to the democrats taking the white house, "but i'm not to worried about that happening"- the repulbican party has gotten so cocky with themselves they have forgotten there is another party... Furthermore, one word. Foley. A man filled with more moral fiber than any, a protector of christian values, no?... until they checked his emails. And then what... he blames it on a priest back thirty years ago. Sad and disturbing Mr. Foley. Maybe these republican guys arent so christian after all huh?

3. I'm a member of a small lutheran church. Im devoted. That said, there is something wrong with the christian community of America that votes republican purely because of its good ol' christian values. He is president BUsh, not Pastor Bush. If this man was truly a monument to christianity he would have repsonded to the poor, helpless victims of Katrina instantly. He would not allow the torture of pow's. Didn't you hear? Bush has signed a bill! This was says: a person captured (believed terrorist) has no rights if they are beleived to have information about an attack. Bush decides what is cruel and unusual torture, Bush decides when they are set free, Bush decides who is captured. IN other words, they have no trial, but are tortured for the information they may or may not possess. Question? What if they get the wrong guy on accident.the military are the good guys i know, but theyre not the perfect guys. they make mistakes. Torture... Is that Christian in any sense? I can understand dunking heads in water, but cruel and inhumane(cutting off fingers...). Christian, no.

Acroamatic said...

Once again, I'll let this stand--sorry I'm only now just getting there, Hal--so that it's propaganda-value can be evident. See my quotation (12/13/06) of Christopher Dawson, about such silly and errant utopianism.