Sunday, October 01, 2006

Reading List for Grownups

Hal asked what to read. There's not a simple answer to how to get at truth nowadays. A few things to rely on:
  • Read the papers, but read carefully--be sure you read what is given in reply to accusations made by the press and by partisan hacks on both sides; I try as time allows to check the news in the local paper, Time Magazine, the web news on Drudge and Lucianne, who is partisan but often finds stuff no one else has.
  • Victor Davis Hansen is a wonderful scholar, applying lessons from antiquity, especially military history of the Classical period to today's events. You can find his columns at several locations, including his own website.
  • If you haven't, read the 9/11 Report.

I'll add a bigger job that will take you a longer time--check out the reading list for the liberal arts program at the University of Dallas. I believe it's still posted at their website--

I'll add more specifics about what I've read lately, later.


Hal Jordan said...

i stay away from local newspaper since their information has been passed down from thousands of sources (excluding peanuts and the sports page that is). is a source i heavily rely on, and i havent missed a Time in years. The 9/11 report was terribly edited for the public, and excluded vital information. I suggest you add the various links inside the UN home website. You'll find lots of goodies there as well. I stay away from personal webpages since they are in fact partisan as you mentioned. check my site for my reading list.

Acroamatic said...

Does that mean you DIDN'T read the 9/11 Report?

Also, granted that the fishwraps aren't perfect, it's still not excusable to ignore them. A lot of the agenda of each day's public debate is reflected there, and not predominantly by outlanders who don't see things as Americans (of whatever politics) do. Just read carefully. As the French say, "Lire peu; lire bien."

Hal Jordan said...

i read the information that the 9.11 commission provided. however it did me about as good as an unfinished novel would; more questions then answers arose. I recommend you take a gander at the un nations home page, there is a section which it provides information about the weapons inspectors findings in Iraq. There are quarterly reports for almost two years.