Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Election Reflection

We voted early. Now I don't have to listen to all that (from either side).

I think the 6-year elections are unique, because they provide an opportunity for shaking out the old mistakes, reevaluating and planning for the real decisions in two more years. Both Republicans and Democrats should learn something, in theory, from what the voters decide and from the campaign and its issues. If the lessons aren't learned, there will be new dangers all around. I do trust the people as a whole. I think it was part of the Founders' vision to allow for "the people" to be the teachers to the politicians, that some sort of practical political wisdom would come out of a more reciprocal and equal relationship between the governed and those who govern. In our system, "the mob" has been replaced by the voting public. The office-holders and candidates are presumed to either win the respect of the people or to be humbled by them.

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