Saturday, March 15, 2008

"An entire orchard..."

Professor Hanson says that Mr. Obama's rebuttal of the newer news coverage of Rev. Wright's views about America, its corporate morality, its culture and its domestic and foreign policies as picking and choosing isolated, unrepresentative comments out of their homiletical context, is disingenous at best. Far from "cherry-picking," Hanson suggests that the media stumbled into "an entire orchard." Sadly, he's probably right. And the minister is probably not alone in his extremism. We know that the press have covered extreme fundamentalists of the general conservative bent who have bizarre views, too. The problem is that Mr. Obama tolerated a long exposure to these views and now is attempting a very inconsistent, self-contradictory denial of his awareness of these views. He did NOT look very good in the interview played on Fox News this morning. Today's New York Times has a long news piece covering the issue, too. I'd say Mr. Obama has to realize that his candidacy is now severely compromised. I'm a little sad, too, because he represented a new voice for the Democrats--something other than the same tired way of defending their party's positions, such as those are.

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