Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Monster vs. The Starr

Fox News is reporting that Mr. Bill is waltzing through Mississippi, saying that a Hillary-Barack ticket (in that order, we imagine) would be "unstoppable." That's wonderful! I'm sure the The Starr's camp is thrilled. At this point, the best assessment of anything Bubba says is that the anxiety and desperation are transparent. If the Monster camp were feeling any sort of assurance about an eventual victory, they'd be acting like the cat that ate the canary, and playing a very coy game. Now, they're closer to mine canaries, sensing real danger. This match is getting more desperate, and the stresses are showing on both sides.

Endgame: for the remaining primaries, it's all about who will blink first. Mistakes, ever more likely with the stresses, could be fatal. The Starr must play smart, hold serve firmly in Wyoming and Mississippi, and organize like a maniac in Pennsylvania. Like it did in Ohio, the race depends on the turnout of his more youthful minions, who somewhat failed him in Ohio, compared to The Monster's blue haired matrons of doom.

[By the way: speaking of coquettish fancies, can anyone explain what, if any, power John Edwards still holds over his delegates? Does their release or relegation have to wait for the convention, or can he assign them at any time? How are they bound?]

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