Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thinking outside the box...

... that the Democrats have put themselves in. Both candidates are working very hard to make themselves unacceptable to the general electorate and--if that's possible--to their party. I wonder which enterprising and nervy party elder will be willing to propose a short-circuit to the system, and call for a third candidate to step in to carry the party banner to the convention and into the fall campaign. I believe that there may be good arguments to be made along these lines, and that it can be done with enough transparency so that it does not have the complete "smoke-filled room" appearance. Surely there are folks already whispering this possibility about...?

UPDATE [3/28]: How odd--
Since I posted that remark on the 18th, all of a sudden there's mention in the blogs and on a couple of the radio shows of the possibility of a compromise involving the former Vice-President. That would be Al Gore. He certainly would be as formidable a candidate as the two epigones now in contention.

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